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5 Countries that should be on everyone's post-covid19 Travel List

Updated: Apr 14

Heyyy my fellow “quarantiners”, how y’all managing? What day is this? I mean, what a time to be alive! We’ve been summoned to stay indoors, not allowed to go anywhere but the comfort of our homes and yard. Completely absurd and surreal! It’s like we are the stars of our own movie. Hopefully at this very moment we are in the middle of the action, with the happy ending not too far away. I don’t know about y’all but I’m imagining sitting at the gate hearing “boarding groups 1-3”, or “we are about to land, secure your seatbelts and tray tables” whatever it may be, I’m ready to travel again. Once covid-19 is done, we all will need a getaway/vacation. Here are my top 5 destinations that will do the mind, body and soul good post Covid-19.


I know it’s on the top of everyone’s bucket list, for many reasons. It’s not only an 'Instagrammable' destination but it’s also truly peaceful and tranquil.

My motive to visit Bali came from the scenes of the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' (if you haven’t watched, add it to your quarantine & chill list...I promise, you won’t regret it). 'Anywho', I escaped to this island a few years ago to deal with the loss of my husband. It essentially helped me with my healing process. This place is remarkably soothing - from the Bali massages, petal baths, the infinity pools, the floating breakfast and the hospitable people -I’ve never experienced such great service any where else. They cater to your every need, in the most humbling way; leaving you much relaxed and stress-free.

This is what we all need after this ordeal... a break to “Woosah” plus don’t forget the gorgeous pics because u know we live for the pics! 2- The Bahamas

I know this is home for some of us but "I’ve been around the world...and I can’t find my baby" hahaha ...No, but really there is no place more beautiful than our country, The BAHAMAS.

We are blessed to not have to travel far for natural beauty and should be encouraging everyone worldwide to visit our beautiful shores post covid-19.

There are so many islands & cays to choose; each offering

something unique. My top favorites are: Eleuthera with the pink sand beaches in 'Briland'; Exuma for a little adventure to swim with the

pigs; but I’m longing to visit

Long Island, to take a dive into the Deans Blue Hole; and Inagua to marvel at the beautiful flamingos and salt production. Please do some research of your resident island. You’d be surprised of the many local activities you can participate in; that will definitely give you vacay vibes. There’s ATV tours, museums, Culinary experiences, Boating excursions and so much more. Let’s all take advantage of a 'stay-cation' or share to the world why 'Its better in the Bahamas!'. Trust me our economy will thank us.

3 - Costa Rica

There is no need to travel to the other side of the globe to tick off your bucket list. I fumbled across Costa Rica a few years ago and it was the 1st destination I visited in the Central/South American region and it has remained on the top of my list.

I went for a long weekend but I would recommend you spend, at minimum, a week. It’s a great destination for a group trip or family vacation, with the kids. I highly recommend that you rent a car to move freely around the country. There is so much to do and see. (Check the video below)

Our adventure list included ziplining, white water rafting, volcanic hikes, coffee plantations, thermal baths at natural hot springs, rainforest treks to spot monkeys and other wildlife...we had a very busy agenda. But to be honest there is so much more to do here like horseback riding, surfing, cooking lessons, atv tours, hanging bridges, chase waterfalls or the option to relax and admire the lush green landscape. Point blank there is no shortage of activities here. If you are into adventure and sightseeing put this at the top of your list after this quarantine living. It’s only right to explore outdoors since we been complaining about being locked up inside.

4 - South Africa

Welcome to the motherland.

To step foot on the land of our ancestors is a dream of many. We have all watched movies, read books and received school lectures of this continent and let’s be honest we imagine, animals roaming the streets, African tribes, crowded streets, civil unrest, to name a few but a rude awakening - it’s the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong there are parts that fit the stereotype but all countries have their woes. The cities I chose to visit were Johannesburg & Cape Town and I advise you to do the same. Johannesburg is the home of Nelson Mandela and the apartheid museum. I’m not a fan of museums but this was truly amazing.It’s an emotional encounter, as your tour guide illustrates to you what it was like to live through adversity and oppression. A trip to Soweto is must: visit Hector Peterson Memorial; Nelson Mandela’s home; and walk thru the crafts market. After the history lesson, sit in a local cafe in the neighborhood, have a local beer and lunch with the natives; listen to their stories. It will run your imagination wild to be surrounded by so much history, that was made not so long ago.

In for a bit of thrill, try bungee jumping from the artistic & colorful Soweto Towers. A trip to Jo’burg is an incredible experience and that’s how you would describe your entire visit to South Africa - incredible. The adventures are unlimited. I can begin with the National parks with Kruger Park safaris ranking in the worlds best or the local national parks to encounter with Lions, Cheetahs, Giraffes and other wildlife. Now pack your bag And travel all the way south ,literally, it’s the most southernest tip of the continent plus one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town. This is a tourist playground surrounded with beaches, the picturesque table mountain, delightful wineries, chic international culinary experiences, cultural and historical cites as Robin Island & Bo-Kaap. You can choose to engage in wildlife encounters like safari game drives, penguins sighting, whale watching and shark dives... the options are endless.

It’s safe to say there is something for everyone - group, solo or couples. Whomever u desire as a travel companionship, that post covid-19 vacay bout to be 'litty'.

5 - Italy

I know, I know....you are probably thinking 'hell to the naw' because of the many cases but hear me out first! I’ve been to Italy multiple times and each time has been awe-inspiring. This country has brought great joy to my life through food, wine, history, culture, architecture, religion, fashion & the happy people...just to name a few. First of all who doesn’t love Italian food.

Have you heard of a “foodgasm”, it’s when you take a bite into a scrumptious dish and your whole body shivers with complete satisfaction and you do a little dance movement. The food is just that damn good. I’ve never had a bad dish there. Then it’s a must you have the Wine, take a tour into the Tuscany region sipping through the cultivating hills, admiring the beauty. Traveling throughout Italy, the architecture is captivating in every city especially the many churches. I truly believe this country has the most beautiful churches in the world. Specifically the Vatican, where the Pope resides, talk about incredible intricate artwork. While you are here it’s a must you witness Mass in St. Basilica Square on a Sunday morning with the Pope. This is definitely a memorable experience. Italy is just that; a country filled with many desired activities and popular landmarks.

There’s the colosseum & Trevi Fountain in Rome; the leaning tower of Pisa; the Duomo in Florence; & Milan. Let’s not forget the scenic Italian Riviera or hiking in Cinque de Terre, the blue grotto in Capri or the most popular gondola rides through the city of Venice. Ok...Ok... I think you get it, Italy is special to me. I’m pushed now to write an Italy blog. I do hope from this short excerpt, that I have convinced you to book that trip post covid-19. Once all the necessary precautions are taken and the borders reopens. We all will need support from country to country to survive this pandemic. I hope these choices can help you narrow down your travel destinations, once we are free to roam the world again. If not, at least it gave you some excitement to want to dream of where to fly to next.

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